Rich In-depth Content

The heart of the National Parks Explorer is the over 1900 articles covering the natural and human history of the parks, as well as 960 precisely geo-located points-of-interest.

Over 2000 beautiful photographs, historical works of art, and illustrations are used, the result of an intensive search for the best images available on the internet as well as photography taken by our staff. We will continue searching for images and replace existing ones as we find better ones. Caption and credit for each image can be viewed by tapping the image on the screen.

The National Park Service text descriptions are derived from several sources: the parks’ websites, park brochures, and often directly from the interpretive marker at the site. At other times, when no NPS text exists or better text can be found, we use Wikipedia. As with most all articles, these can be viewed with no data connection. If a connection does exist, you can load the article directly from Wikipedia into the app view by tapping the source banner at the footer of the article.

For some articles a “More Information Available” banner is displayed on the footer. This is used when more timely or detailed information exists the NPS website. NPS web pages covering subjects like backcountry hiking guidelines or campground regulations then load directly into the app view (data connection required).

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