Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain
It is almost impossible to find a description of Rocky Mountain National Park that does not constantly utilize the word “breathtaking,” and that is because it really is apt in this case.  Over 40% of the park is above tree line. Majestic 14,000-foot craggy peaks, glaciers, dense wildlife, gold quaking aspen in the fall, 8 miles of road above 11,000 feet – and snow, a lot of snow.  There is so much snow that it takes 42 days to complete the spring plow.

The famous Trail Ridge Road gives you easy access to the world of the alpine tundra and leads you to a rare and fantastic ecosystem of tiny, vividly colored flowers and open sky. The National Parks Explorer gives you information on hiking and camping, wildlife and the geological story behind the impressive peaks and glaciers, as well as information on planning and visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

Selected Content
Explore Nature – Glacial Features, the Alpine Ecosystem, the Mountain Forest, Wildlife and Wildflowers.
Explore History – The Ute and the Arapaho, historic trails, building the Trail Ridge Road.
Places to Go – Alpine Visitor Center, Trail Ridge Road, Bear Lake, Old Fall River Road, Longs Peak, Wild Basin…
Things to Do – Day hiking, backcountry camping, scenic drives, climbing and mountaineering, horseback riding, wildlife viewing…
Rocky Mountain Wildlife – From pocket gophers, ptarmigans and pikas to charismatic megafauna.
Park Info – Visitor centers, campgrounds, weather, mountain driving, high country hazards, Park FAQ…

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