Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Wildflower Guide
The Blue Ridge Parkway
America’s most visited National Park Service unit and greatest scenic byway, 469 miles of gently curving road guiding you along the crest of the Blue Ridge. From Virginia to North Carolina it showcases spectacular views all along the way.

With an elevation range of 5,700 feet, the route traverses an unsurpassed diversity of climate zones and geological features, from mountain peaks and coves, to meadows and balds; from gorges and waterfalls to homesteads and alpine forests, all the while delighting the eye and revealing glimpses into the rich history and culture of the land that spawned so many uniquely American crafts, traditions, and forms of music and storytelling.

Selected Content
Blue Ridge Wildflower Guide – 80 wildflowers of the Blue Ridge – view by peak month of blooms and milepost range.
Explore History – The Cherokee, European Homesteads, 19th c. Industry, Building the Parkway, the Missing Link…
Explore Nature – Why is the Blue Ridge Blue? Eco-systems, Spruce-fir Forest, Appalachian Geology…
Places to Go – Top Twenty, Wildflower Areas, Waterfalls, Historic Sites, Visitor Centers, Off the Parkway, Cities & Towns…

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