■ Utilizes an easy-to-use interface to quickly find the information you want, much of which is otherwise hard to find and inaccessible while you are within the boundaries of the Park (most of which have spotty or no mobile phone coverage).

■ Beautifully illustrated with over 1800 photographs and historical works of art showcasing the fascinating history and scenic wonders of each park.

■ 875 geo-located points-of-interests.

■ Hundreds more articles on park ecosystems, wildlife, geology, history, activities and more.

■ Beautiful National Park Service maps that are available at all times. Toggle between these and the more precise iPhone maps. The NPS maps also display automatically when there is no data connection (NPS map display requires iOS4).

■ “Locate Nearest” button scrolls guide lists – such as waterfalls, trailheads, and historic sites – to the nearest Point-of-Interest. Even locate the closest bathroom!

■ All articles have footers linking directly to the source text on the National Park Service website, Wikipedia or other online source.

■ “More Information Available” footers load relevant NPS web pages into the app viewer. Allows the user to conveniently access such timely subjects as road conditions or closures, park news and events.

■ Manage individual Favorites lists for each national park. Create your own tour!