Map View

The locate button (lower left) is active when viewing a point-of-interest article for which GPS data is available. Tapping it brings up the map with the location marked by a pushpin.

The Map View displays the iPhone’s embedded map functionality, requiring an active data connection, as well as embedded National Park Service maps, available on demand. These are the same maps that are available in brochure form at the park entrances and visitor centers. The NPS map is displayed by default when there is no available cell or wireless data connection. These maps open over the area of the point-of-interest, even in cases where it may not be depicted on the official map.  When a data connection is available, the default mode will be the Google map viewer, which are more precise than the NPS maps, and can also show your location on the map. The NPS park map will still be available by tapping the MAP/SAT/HYB/NPS toggle on the lower right.

Note: The NPS map view requires iOS 4.0 or higher.

Tap the image at left to toggle between the Google and National Park Service map.

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