Easy Content Navigation

An average of over 200 articles for each park, at your fingertips…

Guide – On the left of the upper navigation bar, tap to return to the top level contents screen for the park.

ABC – Alphabetical index of all the articles in the guide.

Info – A quick reference for all park facilities, such as campgrounds, visitor centers, stores, and bathrooms, as well as features like viewpoints, trailheads, and picnic areas.

My Park – Your favorite articles (bookmarked by tapping the + button below), saved specific to the park guide you are viewing.

Tour – Points-of-interest organized as a road trip – a complete tour, with a starting point and an end point.

Map Button – The Map button at lower left will display the NPS map of the entire park, or when viewing a point of interest, it will show its precise location iPhone’s map, satellite or hybrid view, or NPS map, whichever was your last setting.

Home Button – The three-dot triangle at bottom takes you back to the main screen showing all parks.

Favorites Button – Tapping the + button will add the current page to “My Park” – your favorites list. It changes to a bookmark icon when viewing a saved article or list.

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